Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Wrights

For Thanksgiving this year, my family was unavailable. Mom and Daddy went to Oregon to spend the week with my brother, Douglas, and his wife, Boyd. My aunt was spending the holiday weekend cheering on her youngest grand-daughter in a basketball tournament. I had the pleasure of spending the day with the family of one of my college friends. We had a really nice time eating and playing guitar and visiting. The men might have enjoyed watching football, but I did not. My camera was working that day. However, three days later, it started to malfuction greatly, and today, it died completely. :( So, these are some of the last pictures I took with my Kodak Easy Share. I'm hoping to be able to afford this one in its place.
After the family supper, Rachel and I went back to her home. We watched--and sang along--to an awesome HD version of Beauty and Beast and an un-awesome (but only cos it was a live action film. Ever notice how weird and kinda lame live action is on HD) version of Lemonade Mouth. I like the movie a ton! The music is fun and then there is the fact that there is a red-head in it. Y'all know how much a fan of redheads I am. Rachel and I joked that the redhead was my boyfriend and the long-haired brunette was her boyfriend. Such fun! It was a great day.

Aunnie and her niece and nephew.

An accidentally art-y shot.

An adorable baby in an adorable hat!

Leah and her baby girl!

Three generations! <3

three girls from college.

Sunset on Thanksgiving Day--Beautiful!

Sunset on Thanksgiving Day--Beautiful!

Another sunset. Really interesting colors. Almost unreal.

Grandpa Todd and his grand-girl!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 20NOV11

Can you believe I haven't don't one of these blogs since the 24th of July?   I guess it is time for one, yeah?

Simple Woman's Daybook: 20NOV11
Outside my window...I am outside my window. Pop and I are sitting outside on the carport, waiting for our dinner to finish grilling.  We're having barbecue ham, corn on the cob and brussells sprouts.  When I bring it all in--and while I'm getting Pop dressed for bed--I'll pop a few rolls in the oven and we'll have a nice colorful meal!  But for now, he and I are enjoying the air getting a bit crisper and cooler, a few lingering crickets chirping, and the very, very end of the sunset.  By the way, the clouds are moving very swiftly over our heads.  Sometimes, it is just so amazing how nature works, yeah?
I am thinking..that I am really enjoying the approach of Autumn/Winter.  I'm hoping that next year by this time, I will be living somewhere that has Four Seasons!  But we'll see.  I'm staying here until Pop doesn't need me anymore, as far as I know.
I am thankful for...the many people who have been praying for me during this ovary/cyst scare I've been going through the past two months.
From the learning rooms...I'm learning how to use my new computer.  Every single brand is different.
From the kitchen...I'll be making the Ford family Thankgiving tradition 'Cranberry Salad' on Wednesday.
I am wearing...capris and a green blouse.
I am creating...knitted caps.
I am going...to try to be less selfish.  What a challenge, yeah?
I am reading...a book about some English lady who moves to the American West.
I am hoping...that I don't let myself down and spend the Four Seasons money on things that aren't either a) an emergency and b) moving someplace with Four Season.
I am hearing...crickets and the sound of highway traffic.
Around the house...nothing much!
One of my favorite things...playing my guitar.
A few plans for the rest of the week: preparing for my Thanksgiving/One Year Vacation weekend in Galveston this weekend.  Oh, and Thanksgiving Dinner with Rachel Wright and her familia.
A photograph for your consideration:

I took this picture last Saturday at the end of my work day. This kind of light is what I call 'otherworldly.'  I imagine that this is what the sky looks like if you live in Brigadoon.