Monday, May 21, 2012

May Photo-A-Day 21MAY12

"Where you stand"
sorry y'all have to see my Irish-Scottish-English white girl legs.  Were you wearing sunglasses at least?


May Photo-A-Day 20MAY12

"Something You Can't Live Without"

This will seem like an odd photo to illustrate that particular prompt, but it works for me.  For whatever reason, sometime during the summer of 2010, I began having a strong interest in photography.  I am not trained in any way, but I just can't imagine not seeing things through the lens of a camera  and wanting to tell the story of what I see.

May Photo-A-Day 19MAY12

"A Favorite Place" 
This photo was taken whilst taking a walk with Mike and Janet on Saturday after our grilled steak and potato dinner!  They live on the west side of Galveston Island in a place called Indian Beach.  I just can't help but love Galveston!

"Summertime and the living is easy"
I chose this one for 'Joy' cos this family looks happy and enjoying the moments when being part of a family is something so special.  I still remember the summer I turned 14, we took a family vacation to South Padre Beach.   I think Daddy rented a big family size tent from base and we stayed for about a week in a tent on the beach.  I remember getting so burnt that for some of the last days, I had to wear a dish towel over my face to protect it from more sun!  I looked like a weird modern day version of Jesse James.  I also remember that I met a mom and son one day during that stay, and for whatever reason, during that conversation, I told them that I had just turned 14.  What a weird thing to remember, yeah?  

May Photo-A-Day 18MAY12

"Something You Made"

May Photo-A-Day 16MAY12

"What you're reading"


This is just one page of the awesomely funny artwork Cressida Cowell did for her "How to Train Your Dragon" books.  She is really, really funny.  Honestly, I recommend her dragon books, even to grown-ups.

May Photo-A-Day 15MAY12

"The Great Outdoors"

and I included a short video of the sea!

May Photo-A-Day 13MAY12


May Photo-A-Day 14MAY12


May Photo-A-Day 12MAY12

Today I have two photos for one of my prompt lists and none of the other list.

"Something that make you happy"

May Photo-A-Day 11MAY12


"Empty Space"

May Photo-A-Day 10MAY12

"A Favorite Word"

'Nuff Said!


Have y'all ever smelled these flowers? Dude! They're just magnificent!  Officially, they are called Jasmine Gardenia.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Photo-a-day 09MAY12

"Something you do every day"
drink coffee!  except that I usually use too much creamer and a lot of ice!  Whaddya think of my snowman spoon rest on the right?  It's my favorite!!

"A stranger"
two workers at Best Buy.

May Photo-a-day 08MAY12

"Something you're proud of"
I'm proud of my creativity.  On the right is a painting I did for a friend who is having a baby.  In the middle is a hat I knitted and below it a necklace I designed and made.  To the left is a veteran sticker on my car.  I feel like it sounds ridiculous to say that I am proud of being a veteran--of having served our country, but I really am proud of it.  Excepting becoming a Christian 20 years ago, I feel like those years were ones wherein I did the most important things I've done my whole life.

"A smell you adore"
This is a weird combination, I'm sure.   But I love the smell of apples (they smell like Christmas) and oranges (they smell like sunshine and happiness) I also love the smells of basil and cilantro (sorry Rachel) and Rosemary.  They make me happy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MAY Photo-a-day 07MAY12

2 p.m.  It is a good thing I set my cell phone alarm, otherwise, I would have passed up 2 p.m. for sure!  Even when it started ringing, I thought, "Why is my alarm going off?"  We were inside at that moment, and Pop was--by far--the most interesting thing happening!

"Something that inspires you."
Old Glory and everything she means.  I realize this isn't an official Old Glory, but still--she makes me happy whenever I see her blowing in the wind on our porch. <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Photo-a-day challenge 06MAY12

"Contrast" I loved the light and dark greens in the leaves, plus the green and red--being complementary colors--seemed sorta contrast-y to me.

"Contrast"  Later on, I went out to take a photo of my lavender blooms for a friend and it turned out like this, which seems to be the perfect pictorial definition of contrast, yeah?


May Photo-a-day challenge 05MAy12

This bird was singing and flying around in the garden center of the Silsbee Walmart

"Something Foreign"
This photo was taken when the light of day was dim.  My camera always shakes when I take a photo without the flash and the light is low.  I thought this photo turned out interestingly.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Garden

don't remember the name, but it has a French name and is named after an alligator or a crocodile!


Romaine Lettuce



Dwarf Grey Sweet Pea




Acorn Squash




Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Cucumber, and a random purple plant


Asiatic Lily

I also have zucchini, but I forgot to take its picture!

May Photo-a-day 03MAY12

"Something You Wore Today"

flip flops!  It is southeast Texas, after all.  It got at least 90 today!

"A Must-Have"

A bookshelf, full of books--an absolute must-have! <3

May Photo-a-day 02MAY12

"A Surprise"

It was a surprise because the previous evening, I had pinched off the flowers cos they looked like they were dying.  I'd read or heard that if the flowers or herbs or whatever looked like they were going the way of all men, then you should pinch 'em off so that more flowers or herbs or whatever would continue growing.  So, the next morning, as I walked to the mailbox, I noticed that the flowers I had pinched off were lying on the ground, in full bloom!!!  It was quite a surprise, I will say!

Regarding the second list:   The prompt was "skyline."   Well, I live here in woody southeast Texas which  sorta doesn't HAVE a skyline unless it is just a bunch of green trees which all look basically the same and the sky.   So, I decided that since I had at least one of the photo-a-day prompts done, I'd be satisfied!

May Photo-a-day, 01MAY12