Sunday, October 31, 2010

My beautiful great-nephew! :)

When I walked up to the place where my great-nephew lives, my big sister--his grandma--was sitting on the porch, waiting for me. He--my great-nephrew, Ryan, was asleep and very very cute. Eventually, I got to hold him. He was still asleep, but it was a beautiful experience. He is just such a precious bundle.

Eventually, he awakened when we got to Jason's Deli for lunch. He made some crazy humming noises as he was awakening. But then he watched us and laughed at his daddy and was generally a very entertaining young man.

After we got back to their apartment, I got to hold him while he was awake. I read to him from a book I bought him about an owl and a firefly. When I was reading to him, he stared at me nearly the entire time. The only time he looked away was the one moment when his daddy strummed the guitar. He likes reading and music I guess.
He shows some promise, yeah? I guess I'll have to teach him about Roots and Jane Austen and Harry Potter and Neal Diamond and Roger Miller and Billy Joel and Johnny Cash, yeah?

At one moment--while I was singing him a song his great-grandma wrote for her son--my brother, Jon--he was looking at me and I was looking at him and we had this tiny little moment. It is just an amazing thing that you can hold a child and look into his eyes and feel this huge and great and unstoppable love which feels like it is too big to fit in your body. Just amazing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Poetry Side of Me

I was reading someone's blog recently and realized that maybe some of my newer readers aren't aware that I sometimes dabble in poetry. I'm adding a few of my previously written poems here today.
I should warn you that--for me--poetry is usually born out of strong emotion: hurt, pain, anger, or love. Some of these might be a little sad. One is silly and maybe a few are all full of lluuurrrrrvvveeee. You'll have to read to see, wontcha?
and to my faithful, long-time readers, I hope you don't mind reading a few of my poems again!
Love y'all,
LollyFab :)

Cuibreach Le nil Gra

Her words make chains that bind me

To the pain I always feel

When I hear what she says behind me.

Those words do nothing but steal

The peace I felt when she tucked me in.

The love I felt when she gave me him.

The bond I felt when she took a stance

And did my hair on the day I danced

The pride I felt when she said that day

That words are the court where I hold sway

But all that flies when she says those things

And the preacher speaks when the church bell rings

And out of his mouth comes these words of truth

About how little I am really worth.

Does any love flow from her heart to mine?

Will my questions be answered with the passing of time?

When I need wiping of tears or smoothing of hair

Can I ever be certain that she will be there?

I'll tell you the truth; and lie I will not

I really just want what it feels I ain't got.

Like a hug or a cuddle in an old rockin' chair

Or the tiniest piece of her heart I can share.

But her words build chains that bind me

To the pain I always feel

When I hear what she says behind me

And I fear that I never shall heal.

and now a fun one which I wrote sitting at Krispy Kreme Donuts one evening.

Ode to the "KK"

for Fred and Susan

Rows of donuts

marching two by two.

Once hot, but plain;

now, they shine anew

with melty glaze

afixed atop the rounds

This store never empties

because their fans abound!!

Somehow, Something

for keith

Even when you don't try to do so; somehow, you capture my attention.
Do you know that I recognize you before I see you? When I hear your footsteps on the carpeted floor behind my desk; I know it is you. I have to fight to keep myself from watching you pass by me. Sometimes, I lose the fight. (Just ask Mary Ann. She catches me all the time.)

You are so honestly yourself that I'm a little in awe of you. You loudly laugh your unique and very charming laugh without a thought of what others may think or the distraction you are causing me! Without fail, each time I hear it; I smile.

And I must admit that, sometimes, when you turn your brown eyes and wide smile my way; I find that, for a moment, anyway, I forget both my name and how to breathe.

You are not afraid to open doors for people with busy hands, or to read your Bible so that any person passing your cube may notice it. You do not hesitate to offer carrying a heavy box. You are respectful and thoughtful and I really like all of these things about you. You are one of those rare nice guys; one of those really decent human beings; and you are so obviously...and quietly...a real man.

There is just something about you, Keith, though I cannot tell you exactly what it is. And while I know that you are not for me, I thought you ought to know that when I look at you, I see something beautiful.
After getting news that several members of the congregation I was then attending had left God and done it in a BIG way, this poem forced its way out of me:

You think you are sipping wine from crystal goblets; pinkies out, diamonds shining, at an elite soiree held by the Dean of Harvard where no one is wearing white because it is well past labor day, but, in reality, you are drinking Kool-Aid out of paper cups with crumpled rims and faded blue flowers stamped on the outside. You see prosperity, but you are impoverished and you just keep sipping Kool-Aid.

You think you are eating a five course meal prepared by the foremost vegan chef in the world, complete with salad, sprouts and soy milk, but in reality, you are eating the contents of the Folger's can stored underneath the stove that is filled with the bacon drippings from the last 5 months, followed by a super-sized Big Mac salad. You see oneness and community, but you are drinking Kool-Aid, alone and separated.

You think you are drinking the freshest, crispest, coolest and cleanest spring water, ladled out – just now – from the very source itself. but, in reality, you are drinking Kool-aid, and not just any flavor of Kool-Aid, either. You are drinking that disgusting, nasty grape flavor! BLECH!! You see purity and responsibility and enlightenment, but you are muddied and selfish and confused and you just keep drinking Kool-Aid.

You think you are welcoming health at the gym; muscles bulging, hearts pumping, sweat glistening, but, in reality, you are sitting on a faded couch with the coils sticking out of it; a glass of Kool-aid sitting on the end table, one hand scratching your hairy, fat bellies under a threadbare wife-beater and the other one clutching a fried drumstick. The shrieks and cries of your 18 children are coming through the torn front screen-door of your mobile home. You see health, but you are eating LARD...and slowly dying...and you just keep gulping Kool-Aid.
I have some water. I'm begging you...Please...come drink some.

Luke 17:1-2
Like Alice

It's hard to keep my chin up

There is no "Little Chopper" living here.

Each step is as through sea water.

And I do not feel Him near.

I know this is all my fault.

I've allowed it to come to this place.

Yet I don't want to keep struggling onward

With this fake smile painted onto my face.

This is not one of those cases, y'all

Where I don't believe that He is Him.

I know He is this Great Body of Water

That I just ain't swimmin' in.

I've allowed myself to wander, broadly.

I'm down here in this grave of a pit.

It's cold. It's dark. I want out of here.

But I just can't seem to climb out of it.

Why is this bed so much more comfortable?

Why does my head hurt this way?

Why does Pinocchio's nose grow?

Because his heart and mouth don't agree.

Can't you feel that I feel lost?

Can't you see the tears in my eyes?

Can't I be brave enough to tell you?

Can't your heart see through all my lies?

I need help. I need a way out of this pit.

The bottom seems miles from the top.

Like Alice, I'm falling, falling, falling

And I can't figure out how to stop.

Repeating Unspoken Words

for my mom.

They are in the tiny, hand-made,

A-line dress with tangerine-colored strings

that tied at the back of my sun-burned neck.

Each stitch of the red, embroidered

flower on the front pocket

repeating unspoken words of love.

They are in the, now tarnished, Gemeinhardt flute

which often sat with me in the last chair.

Each payment of $23.00 earned at

her job at Judson Road Growers

repeating unspoken words of love.

They are in the Christmas tree cake needed for

biology class, remembered...almost too late.

That last bit of colored, home-made frosting,

squeezed out at two in the morning,

repeating unspoken words of love.

They are in the tears which fell from

the bottom of those really thick

blue glasses as I climbed into Daddy's

truck at 4 a.m. and headed toward downtown.

Each wipe of kleenex at her eyes

repeating unspoken words of love.

They are in Claude, the dog. His soft white fur,

dark black ears, and pink bow are a comfort

to me as he lies beside me each night.

Each gruffly spoken word that boxing day

(Here you go. He is for you)

repeating unspoken words of love.

They are in the two, maybe even three blankets

that she wrapped around me when she

found me asleep on the upstairs couch.

Each word of comfort, whispered softly

as I lie there nearing dreamland

repeating unspoken words of love.

They are in the hour long phone calls...

which, now, always end with

spoken words of love.

But she doesn't need to speak them.

...not really.

because I still hear her voice

repeating unspoken words of love.
and the last one:


He sees me, and he is my friend.

I love the boy--the wild child--in him. His mischievous grin melts my heart. I feel it's pitter patter begin when I see his outstretched hand inviting the wild child inside of me to "come out and play."

He sees me, and he respects me.

He knows I have a brain and he appreciates the fact that I can think for myself. He is no Monsieur Gaston, smiling into a mirror whilst he throws my books into the rubbish bin and then pats me on my pretty little head.

He sees me, and he talks to me.

He speaks his heart out loud. He knows it is important to me and that I will listen. He listens to my heart because what I say is important to him. He is my friend.

He sees me, and he adores me.

I can see it in his face. Though he doesn't speak the words explicitly, his smiling gaze says "Do you see that woman over there? Isn't she fabulous? She is mine!!"

He sees me, and he protects me.

I belong to him and he knows it. He cherishes me with his hand on my back as we walk through the tumultuous crowd.

He sees me, and he leads me.

He knows I am his responsibility, so he provides me with security, guidance, and an easy path to walk which he has already safely trod.

He sees me, and he wants me.

There is nothing else in this world except him when his hands are on my hips or his fingers are threaded through my hair as he kisses me.

He sees me, and he is my friend...still.

He takes my hand in his hand and smiles affectionately at me, just before leaning over to kiss me on my cheek. On our front porch, we rock together, my husband and I, in our wooden rocking chairs, watching our grandkids play in the deepening darkness of an autumn evening.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meme Week---Places I'd rather be

If you're a regular reader, you've already read this blog. In it, I answer several questions, not in triplicate, but in four-plicate. (I made that up, y'all. It isn't really a word, obviously, but I couldn't think of the right one.) One of the questions was "Places I'd rather be right now." I had to choose four of them. I chose:
-the beach
-Taking a tour of the New England states with a really good camera.
-Gatlinburg, Tennessee

I'm pretty sure no one is surprised that I'd rather be at the beach. I don't really try to hide that fact. I am also certain that when anyone asks my favorite place in Texas to vacation, I reply "Rockport." It is a great place. More than great, really. It is a small artist community with the old downtown shops all full of locally made art. It has a great private beach and some interesting restaurants. In fact, it was at one of these restaurants--Aransazu's--where I learned to love Asparagus. In fact, ever since that trip in 2003, Asparagus has surpassed and maintained its superiority to green beans and all other vegetables available anywhere on the planet. Suffice it to say, I love me some Rockport, yeah?

And, I'm also sure that most of y'all know I bought the Rosetta Stone program for Italian and I'm learning it a little at a time. So, going to Italy does seem like a pretty reasonable thing to do, considering. And there is also the fact that in every picture or movie I've ever seen, Italy looks like such a beautiful place. And then there are the Italian boy brown eyes and the Italian boy accents. You know, there just are several reasons to love Italy, yeah?

And, I'm pretty sure most of y'all are aware of my new fascination with taking pictures. If you're not, then you are welcome to check out this page, or go to this one, change the "sort by" to priority (highest to lowest) and notice the first three items. So, by saying all of that, I am saying that it should be no surprise that I want to go on a photography tour of New England during this time of year, especially.

But I wonder how many people read "Gatlinburg, Tennessee" and thought "huh?" I don't often talk about Gatlinburg. However, my odd appreciation for it has been in existence for 30 years--since I was 11 in 1980. I've wanted to go there ever since I first heard the following words:

o/' o/' I thumbed my way from LA back to Knoxville
I found out those bright lights aint where I belong
From a phone booth in the rain I called to tell her
I've had a change of dreams I'm comin' home
But tears filled my eyes when I found out she was gone

Smokey Mountain rain keeps on fallin'
I keep on callin' her name
Smokey Mountain rain I'll keep on searchin'
I can't go on hurtin' this way
She's somewhere in the Smokey Mountain rain

I waved a diesel down outside a cafe'
He said that he was goin' as far as Gatlinburg
I climbed up in the cab all wet and cold and lonely
I wiped my eyes and told him about her
I've got to find her!
Can you make these big wheels burn?

Smokey Mountain rain keeps on fallin'
I keep on callin' her name
Smokey Mountain rain I'll keep on searchin'
I can't go on hurtin' this way
She's somewhere in the Smokey Mountain rain

I can't blame her for lettin' go
A woman needs someone warm to hold
I feel the rain runnin' down my face
I'll find her no matter what it takes!

Smokey Mountain rain keeps on fallin'
I keep on callin' her name
Smokey Mountain rain I'll keep on searchin'
I can't go on hurtin' this way
She's somewhere in the Smokey Mountain rain.
o/' o/'

For whatever reason, I've always connected with that song and with this town of Gatlinburg. I do think it is kinda funny that I have pretty much no interest in seeing Knoxville! None whatsoever.

But Gatlinburg! I imagine fog and clouds covering the grey and purple mountains. I imagine trees covered in green in Spring and Summer and yellow and orange and red in the Autumn. I imagine mountain paths where I could go hiking in the fresh air. I think I've even read somewhere that there are attractions like theme parks and such so that when I got tired of the fresh air and sunshine, I could be entertained at the shows and games and rides. It just sounds like such a great place to be.

Someday, I'll get there, I mean it! And I'm going--someday--all because of a Ronnie Milsap song. I wonder the places I could go if I paid more attention during songs I hear on the radio. Imagine that trip! A trip around the states--or THE WORLD--where the only places I go are places mentioned in song. Hmmmmmmmmmm...Interesting, yeah?

Where would YOU go?

Something Old and Beautiful

It was about 5:00 p.m. on 09OCT10 and I was heading down the back steps at Granny's house with a broom in hand. Aunt Coco was following me with a dustpan. We were heading down to the last two steps to sweep up a broken bottle which the wind had blown down from its perch on the upstairs porch.
As we descended, the wind blew again and I heard the sound of chimes ringing. Immediately, I looked up toward the sound and saw an old fashioned, rusted wind-chime hanging from the porch's ceiling.
"That is just so lovely!" I said to Aunt Coco with a smile. "I love wind chimes. Whenever I hear them, I get this--sort of--Pavlovian sense of well being."
Aunt Coco smiled because she understood exactly what I meant and we shared a moment of kin-ship.
As we walked down the rest of the stair and--as a team--swept up the mess, we talked some more about how wonderful wind-chimes are.
"Back in the winter of '04-'05, I worked as a pest control field technician, Aunt Coco. I found out later that there was something in the chemicals I was using every day which had a bad affect on me. During the 10 months that I worked for this company, I was angry so much of the time. After talking about it with my counselor, we figured that it may have been the chemicals. I began another job and--immediately--my endless anger disappeared. However, one thing I discovered while I was still working there was how good wind chimes are for me, personally. Even when I was at my angriest, if--when I was servicing someone's house--I heard their wind-chimes ring, the anger was assuaged for a period of time. I felt happier and at peace. Now, that may have only lasted a few minutes, but still. I recognized how much better my life is when wind-chimes are in it."
Our conversation continued and we talked of other things. I never realized how much she had been listening to me. The day which this conversation occurred had been the day we celebrated the life of the matriarch of our family--my Granny. There had been so much emotion and chaos happening that day. (There were 44 people in Granny's house that day) Actually, I had even forgotten about the conversation until three days ago when I went out to our mail box and saw a large package sitting on top of it.
As I walked toward it, I said to myself "It isn't for you. It is for Pop. It is prolly some of his Diabetic equipment."
I was psyching myself up so that I wouldn't be upset when it wasn't for me. I knew I had ordered nothing that was due in the mail anytime soon. I wasn't expecting a package. However, when I picked it up from off the top of the mailbox, I saw my name emblazoned on the front in Mom's familiar hand-writing.
I was surprised and pleased and confused. What in the world could this package contain? It was kind of heavy and didn't move around much. I had no idea. When I opened the package, white plastic bags and newspaper assailed me. I tore all of them out of the way and there--sitting snugly at the bottom of the box--were two things: an envelope with my name on it and something else, securely wrapped up in yet another white, plastic, grocery store bag.
I decided to read the envelope first and leave the present for last. Here is what it said:.
As we were going through things the Sunday after you left, Tom & Coco brought this to me and said you should have this chime because you really like chimes. So here are chimes that belonged to your grandmother. Enjoy. Love, Mom.

I smiled immediately and tore open the grocery store bag and--nestled inside quite cozily--there was the wind-chime which had rung so sweetly during that moment I shared with Aunt Coco.
I started to cry, of course. Now I had something of my Granny's! After wiping my tears, I immediately got to working on the job of hanging it up somewhere outside where the wind could put it to its natural purpose as soon and as often as possible. The day was quite windy, so I was treated--for the rest of the afternoon and evening and every day since--with beautiful music and wonderful memories of my fabulous Granny and family.
I swear--I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meme Week--Jobs

I wrote this blog earlier today, and this particular blog which you are reading this exact moment is kind of a "spin-off" of it. You might want to read it first--maybe. :)

In the Summer of '09, I worked in an orchard whilst I took one class in the mini-mester and one in Summer I. I wrote a poem one day while I was out and about picking peaches.

Picking Peaches

I spent this Memorial Day under a perfect blue, cloudless, Arizona sky as the sun shimmered down on my brown and red and blonde and silver hair whilst I tromped through the--sometimes--waist-high, unkempt grass in search of beautiful red-orange perfection.

I spent the day as the sun tanned everything on my arms except that odd upside down triangle scar on my left wrist whilst I watched the yellow and blue and white and purple weeds trumpeting their unintentional, yet beautiful praises of perfection.

I spent the day as the sun warmed my freckled Scottish and Irish and English and Cherokee face whilst I flitted through the fields, playing with the white butterflies who must have just escaped from their ugly cocoons into a world where they were suddenly and perfectly beautiful.

Then, I remembered on this beautiful Memorial Day whilst I tromped and watched and flitted that everything—even the most ugly and imperfect things—can be beautiful and perfect when they truly touch God.

Meme Week--or maybe just Day

I was reading a blog online when I came across these several paragraphs from another writer. It is a short read and you'll need to understand why I'm doing blog week--or maybe just day. You can read it by clicking

So, I decided to follow his idea, at least for today. I'm sharing these things about me and would love for you to follow my example. I like to learn things about the people who matter to me, also.

Here goes........

4 jobs I have had
-Sandwich Artist at Subway.
-radiological technician
-bus driver
-peach, pear, and blackberry picker at an orchard.

4 movies I can watch over and over again
-Life if Beautiful
-It's a Wonderful Life
-The Parent Trap (the original one with Haley Mills)

4 places I have lived
-Rome, New York
-Bangkok, Thailand
-Aurora, Colorado
-Phoenix, Arizona

4 TV shows I love or have loved
-Law and Order--any of 'em
-Phineas and Ferb

4 places I have been on vacation
-Disney World, Florida
-Denver, Colorado
-Rockport, Texas
-Cruise to the Mexican Riviera

4 of my favorite dishes
-Pizza with black olives, mushroom, and pepperoni
-A nice big salad with grilled chicken with tomatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers, bell peppers, bacon bits, and mozzarella cheese (which SOMEONE ELSE MADE)
-my version of King Ranch Chicken Casserole
-Mom's steak fingers, with mashed potatoes and her chicken gravy.

4 web sites I visit daily

4 places I would rather be now
-the beach
-Gatlinburg, Tennessee
-Taking a tour of the New England states with a really good camera.

4 things on my bucket list
-own a cottage with a stone facade, a garden in the back with veggies and fruit trees and monkey grass growing on both sides of the front side walk and flowers everywhere.
-have a vacation in the Mediterranean with my little sister.
-take my whole entire family on a cruise.
-go to all the real cities mentioned in Jane Austen's novels.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Too Adorable!

Pretty Meal

Pop and I ate such a colorful meal last night! I had forgotten to put any meat out to thaw, so it was supper time and I was thinking "Uh oh!" So, I remembered that in families with a ton o' kids like Pop's had (He was one of 12 kids, half of whom were born during the depressions) they often had meals consisting solely of vegetables grown in their own back-yard garden.
So, Pop and I had a veggie meal: Broccoli with cheese, carrots and yellow squash, butternut squash with oregano and pepper, and grapes. It was actually satisfying and yummy! :)
P.S. none of these vegetables were grown in our own back-yard garden, though I did fail to mention that I ate a salad consisting of varying types of lettuce, all grown in our back-yard container garden!

I noticed...

these dark marks on the connecting points on the stems of my pepper plants--all four of 'em. Do they have a sinister meaning--at least for the harvest-ability of my plants? Gardeners, do tell!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook: 25OCT10

Outside my window...darkness! It is 10:53 p.m.
I am thinking...about how to get everyone in the house to go to sleep, including me!
I am thankful for...the fact that Tessa is my friend and a part of my life and I'm hoping that she'll be there for a long while.
From the kitchen...Oregano Butternut Squash
I am wearing...an orange camp-shirt and purple pajama bottoms.
I am creating...a budget
I am going...to sleep, soon.
I am reading...the biographies of Hans Christian Anderson, Thomas Edison, and Florence Nightingale.
I am hoping...to accomplish my distant plans.
I am hearing...an insect chirping
Around the house...silence--I hope for the rest of the night.
One of my favorite things...wind blowing through the wind chimes outside on the porch.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Road trip to Dallas/Fort Worth to meet my great nephew, Ryan, for the first time this weekend!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


...kind of flower is this one?

Things that are cool about Pop, # 20

I had just finished making a bunch of cookies--and tasting them to make sure they were tasty--and I patted my tummy.

ME: I'm getting solidly fat here in South East Texas.

DALE: Well, That is allright.

ME: What! Are you crazy? What man wants a solidly fat woman?

Pop: Yeah.

ME: Well, Pop says 'Yeah' about solidly fat, so at least I have one person in my corner.

POP: Well, I don't know what Pop is saying! Pop is just talking and he doesn't really know what he is saying!

Things that are cool about Pop, # 19: aka Gunfight at the Whitehead Corral

So, we just had a not-so-great first try at Tomato-Pumpkin soup and I was doing the dishes. As I was rinsing one of our cutting boards, it slipped out of my hands and made a 'clank' sound on the sink.
Pop was surprised by the loud noise and asked what the sound was. "I thought I was shot!"
"Well, I don't think you were, but we COULD have a gun fight, if ya wanted to do so."
I walked over to him and handed him a spoon. "Here is your gun, Pop."
I walked back over to the other end of the kitchen and put my hand at my "gun holster" where the fork I was using as a "gun" was located.
"Are you ready for our gun-fight?" I asked him. He nodded and picked up his spoon and pointed it at me, making a "Pkkkkooowww" gun sound that little boys make all the time. I mimicked him and the gun-fight ended.
"Did you get me?"I asked Pop and he nodded.
I put another question out there, "Did I get you?"
"I reckon."

and I turned back around to finish the dishes. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Bash

We had a "Autumn Bash" at Hwy 92 North Church of Christ yesterday evening. The kids dressed up. There were games at which they could win little prizes and a jumpy castle and costume contest and everything! We had a dinner of hot dogs with chili and chips and halloween-y decorated cookies and it was just a great time. I took plenty of pictures!

At one point, I was playing soccer with two of the kids. I was holding my camera in my hand and every now and then, the camera would "snap!" and a picture was taken. I didn't mean for that to happen, of course and I presumed that the pictures would be nothing cos I thought the lens was facing my hand. However, it wasn't and these interesting "motion" shots were what came of it.

All the contestants smiling at the camera! And all the contestants in TOTAL distraction! These two pictures--taken just minutes apart--completely amuse me with the total difference in them.

The 3rd place winner-Robin Hood.

2nd Place-a lady-bug butterfly

1st Place-Mario and Luigi.

All the winners!!

Purty Flowers!

Superkids! Aurora and Pike!

Myra bouncing on the bouncy elephant thing.

Luke landing after going head over heels down the slide!

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (aka Mallory) going down the slide on the bouncey thing.

Luke through the wire!

The pumpkins for the decorating contest!

Dorothy walking down the yellow brick road past some pumpkins and flowers!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Can't Sleep. Therefore, y'all get a ramble, of sorts. :)

Okay, so I'm up--still. It is 3:16 p.m. Pop has awakened and gotten out of bed 4 times tonight, which--is unusual--and really fine when I look at the big picture. a) it is my job b) he was really amenable to going back to bed within 5 minutes of awakening each time. However, I suffer from an inability to go straight back to sleep after being awakened. (AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for those days of childhood when your parents would awaken you as they got you out of the car, and then--two seconds later--you were back asleep on their shoulder and didn't even notice when they laid you down in your own bed, yeah?)
Anyway, so here I am, unable to sleep, and awake and on the computer. I guess I should be studying my Italian, but I'm on my blogspot, pressing "Next Blog." Not necessarily the best thing to do. I'm finding a huge amount of disturbing things after pressing "Next Blog." I'm thinking that I'll quit that for the night when I'm done talking to y'all.
Here are some of the really weird things I've seen in the last hour:
1. On someone's photo blog: A hairy naked man taking a strategically placed cookie sheet--filled with cookies--out of the oven. Two things on this photo: a) y'all will NEVER find anything even close to that photo on MY picture blog. and b) Their concept was cool. It is what made me keep going and--sadly and eventually--find the naked cookie picture. So, their concept: Take a picture sometime on every Saturday to document their lives. They had a large group of friends who often contributed. They had some really interesting photos--naked cookie photo excepted, of course.
2. A black man who is obviously very well educated and well-spoken and well-traveled, but who still falls prey to racial ignorance and has two lists of followers: Those who are "of color" (aka Fly Brothers and Fly Sisters) and those who are NOT of color (aka Fly Others) Even in the opening remarks about his blog, he makes it ALL about color. I've always heard "let's not make it about color" but seems like almost everyone "of" color makes everything " ALL about" color. I'm going to pull a Juan Williams here and say THAT BOTHERS ME.
3. Blogspot put me through a a series of "Next Blogs" in a row which were all about flying airplanes! weird, cos--basically--that isn't something which interests me at all. hmmmmmmmmm. I wonder. and strangely enough whey they finally realized--through ESP--that I was repeating the words "Enough, Already" over and over again, they sent me to a page which is basically the author writing a children's book-which DOES interest me. so, they saved themselves a little on that one. :)
and, ya know--on that positive note--I think I'll try to go back to sleep.
Sweet Dreams, y'all!
or as my Papa J.T. used to say:
"Good Night.
Sleep Tight.
All through the night.
To wake up in the morning
And do what is right
Good Night.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things that are cool about Pop, # 18

Pop and I had just eaten a meal. I was doing the dishes and he was sitting and sipping the last bit of his water. It was a lazy, relaxed sort of moment (excepting the fact that I was doing dishes).

ME: Pop, I'll tell ya what: I think I might need a nap. I am one tired puppy gal. What about you, Pop?

POP, giving me a stare: Well, I reckon I'm more like one tired puppy BOY!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mushroom Provolone Sandwich at Books A Million

I ate one for lunch today while I was catching up on letters I need to write. As a matter of fact, the sandwich was pretty tasty. I recommend it! However, if you have any tendency toward acid reflux or heartburn, I would stay away from it.
Either way--Heartburney or not--just imagine eating a delicious Pizza Sandwich! Yum!

Yellow Flowers and Lizards

So, today was a busy day. My "chores" list was long and the day felt like it was packed from start to finish. When I saw these yellow flowers in someone's side yard, I had already accomplished five errands. Bank, post office, Brookshire Brother's for money orders, the VA hospital, and the recycle place in Beaumont. I had just dropped off the recycling at that place with the 6 or 7 big garbage bins full of different re-cycle-able product. Since Buna isn't incorporated, they don't have recycling--prolly cos they have no money to pay for it. Anyway, every few months, I haul our recycling up to Beaumont and sort it into the various bins.

So, I had left there and was heading to fill up the gasoline tank and buy some rectangular planting pots for my new lettuce, spinach, and Brussels Sprouts. I turned left on one particular street because I was coming too close to the freeway. I really like these old neighborhoods. They have neat houses and pretty trees and sometimes I can see things that make me happy. Then, I'll take pictures of them and share them online and hope to make other people happy, too. There is a blog online which I follow. Just yesterday, I was reading how The Green Greek had begun (I think just recently) a photo challenge wherein she would be taking and/or posting pictures with large amounts of yellow in them every Monday. So, I found the yellow flowers, and--of course--I had to stop.

First, I just liked the yellow flowers and I wanted to capture THEM. As I got closer; however, I noticed a couple of butterflies flitting around the tree. I circled the tree, trying to find the best shot. I had just tiptoed to the perfect location to photograph the butterflies when I saw a rapid movement to their left and off the two pretty flyers flew. I was shocked at first. What had happened? Then I looked over to where the rapid movement had occurred. In the exact located which the two butterflies had previously been filling, was a medium-sized perfectly-lizard-green perfect lizard. He turned toward me and gave me the eye. I almost wondered if he was angry with me for a minute. Did he blame me for his loss of lunch? Hmmmmmmm. I looked after the fleeing butterflies for just a moment. When I returned my gaze to the perfect green lizard, he was gone.

I decided it was time to get on my way to the gas station. I hopped back in my car and had an adventure without even knowing it. I turned right onto Laurel (or is it Lauren?) and--unbeknownst to me--I was going the wrong way on a one way street! Yikes! I'm glad I didn't die! Then I wouldn't have been able to do the remaining 7 chores I had to do today! WHEW!!