Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something Old and Beautiful

It was about 5:00 p.m. on 09OCT10 and I was heading down the back steps at Granny's house with a broom in hand. Aunt Coco was following me with a dustpan. We were heading down to the last two steps to sweep up a broken bottle which the wind had blown down from its perch on the upstairs porch.
As we descended, the wind blew again and I heard the sound of chimes ringing. Immediately, I looked up toward the sound and saw an old fashioned, rusted wind-chime hanging from the porch's ceiling.
"That is just so lovely!" I said to Aunt Coco with a smile. "I love wind chimes. Whenever I hear them, I get this--sort of--Pavlovian sense of well being."
Aunt Coco smiled because she understood exactly what I meant and we shared a moment of kin-ship.
As we walked down the rest of the stair and--as a team--swept up the mess, we talked some more about how wonderful wind-chimes are.
"Back in the winter of '04-'05, I worked as a pest control field technician, Aunt Coco. I found out later that there was something in the chemicals I was using every day which had a bad affect on me. During the 10 months that I worked for this company, I was angry so much of the time. After talking about it with my counselor, we figured that it may have been the chemicals. I began another job and--immediately--my endless anger disappeared. However, one thing I discovered while I was still working there was how good wind chimes are for me, personally. Even when I was at my angriest, if--when I was servicing someone's house--I heard their wind-chimes ring, the anger was assuaged for a period of time. I felt happier and at peace. Now, that may have only lasted a few minutes, but still. I recognized how much better my life is when wind-chimes are in it."
Our conversation continued and we talked of other things. I never realized how much she had been listening to me. The day which this conversation occurred had been the day we celebrated the life of the matriarch of our family--my Granny. There had been so much emotion and chaos happening that day. (There were 44 people in Granny's house that day) Actually, I had even forgotten about the conversation until three days ago when I went out to our mail box and saw a large package sitting on top of it.
As I walked toward it, I said to myself "It isn't for you. It is for Pop. It is prolly some of his Diabetic equipment."
I was psyching myself up so that I wouldn't be upset when it wasn't for me. I knew I had ordered nothing that was due in the mail anytime soon. I wasn't expecting a package. However, when I picked it up from off the top of the mailbox, I saw my name emblazoned on the front in Mom's familiar hand-writing.
I was surprised and pleased and confused. What in the world could this package contain? It was kind of heavy and didn't move around much. I had no idea. When I opened the package, white plastic bags and newspaper assailed me. I tore all of them out of the way and there--sitting snugly at the bottom of the box--were two things: an envelope with my name on it and something else, securely wrapped up in yet another white, plastic, grocery store bag.
I decided to read the envelope first and leave the present for last. Here is what it said:.
As we were going through things the Sunday after you left, Tom & Coco brought this to me and said you should have this chime because you really like chimes. So here are chimes that belonged to your grandmother. Enjoy. Love, Mom.

I smiled immediately and tore open the grocery store bag and--nestled inside quite cozily--there was the wind-chime which had rung so sweetly during that moment I shared with Aunt Coco.
I started to cry, of course. Now I had something of my Granny's! After wiping my tears, I immediately got to working on the job of hanging it up somewhere outside where the wind could put it to its natural purpose as soon and as often as possible. The day was quite windy, so I was treated--for the rest of the afternoon and evening and every day since--with beautiful music and wonderful memories of my fabulous Granny and family.
I swear--I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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