Sunday, October 31, 2010

My beautiful great-nephew! :)

When I walked up to the place where my great-nephew lives, my big sister--his grandma--was sitting on the porch, waiting for me. He--my great-nephrew, Ryan, was asleep and very very cute. Eventually, I got to hold him. He was still asleep, but it was a beautiful experience. He is just such a precious bundle.

Eventually, he awakened when we got to Jason's Deli for lunch. He made some crazy humming noises as he was awakening. But then he watched us and laughed at his daddy and was generally a very entertaining young man.

After we got back to their apartment, I got to hold him while he was awake. I read to him from a book I bought him about an owl and a firefly. When I was reading to him, he stared at me nearly the entire time. The only time he looked away was the one moment when his daddy strummed the guitar. He likes reading and music I guess.
He shows some promise, yeah? I guess I'll have to teach him about Roots and Jane Austen and Harry Potter and Neal Diamond and Roger Miller and Billy Joel and Johnny Cash, yeah?

At one moment--while I was singing him a song his great-grandma wrote for her son--my brother, Jon--he was looking at me and I was looking at him and we had this tiny little moment. It is just an amazing thing that you can hold a child and look into his eyes and feel this huge and great and unstoppable love which feels like it is too big to fit in your body. Just amazing.

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