Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Ford Family

Because of the vehicle company, my surname is a household word. The last name 'Ford' isn't really popular, however. Out of a national population of almost 313,000,000, people who bear the last name Ford number only 205,000. And, really, as a grown-up, I have only met about maybe 20 people--other than family--who also share the name my Daddy gave me. Which is why I was ecstatic when--on my annual paid vacation from work--I met a whole family of Fords.
When the little girl told me her name was Victoria, I said with happiness, "My little sister is named Victoria! Victoria (omit middle name on the world wide web) Ford!" My new little friend Victoria gasped and said, "Really? My name is Victoria (omit middle name on the world wide web) Ford!"
"No!" "Yes!" and everyone was really excited that we have the same name. Anyway, they spent the evening (and I watched) playing the game of Life. It was fun and I liked the idea of *sorta* spending the first night on vacation with my family playing games.

Victoria and Denzel are playing the game of Life.

a bad photo (but Mom looks so beautiful in this one, so I had to post it) of Mom and Ricky, Jr.

Ricky, Jr., Mom, Ricky, Sr. and part of Victoria.  All these kids love the camera!

The other Victoria!


Denzel is doing his little dance on the catwalk!

The Fords, junior

Aren't they adorable!?! They were having fun posing!

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