Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here we are--At the Beginning

So, I've been planning on starting a blog for months now. When I saw Tessa's blog, I thought "Wow! What a great way to express yourself!" I'll admit that her blog just plain ol' LOOKS better than mine. I haven't quite figured out how to make it as pretty as she has made her blog, but I guess the point really is the words, yeah? Anyway, here I am today--30JUN10--beginning my journey into the world of blogs (well, non-facebook blogs, anyway).
I just decided recently that I would strive to have a blog which focused on the things which are the most interesting to me: Spirituality, Cooking, Gardening, Reading, and Writing. Could be that I put something else in there every now and then, but we'll work on it that way, okay?
Now to explain the name: From the Pen of a Pensive Pollyanna. You're prolly thinking, "huh?" right about now. I'm a huge fan of old movies. One of my top twenty has always been Pollyanna. I like several things about it. I like that it stars Hayley Mills, a British actress whom I adore. She also starred in the Parent Trap--which also sits on my top twenty list. I like that the preacher is named FORD. There is just something about seeing or hearing your own name, yeah? I guess we all like it. I like the way Pollyanna looked at life. She has this perfect combination of naivete and wisdom. She seemed to love life with the heart of a child and yet be a thinker and a solver, too. I guess I like to kinda think of myself that way. I know that I'm not a normal grown-up, by any means. I'm very child-like (hopefully not childish, yeah?) and approach the world sometimes with an undaunted and unafraid heart--my arms wide open embracing whatever comes. I saw Pollyanna--from the movie--doing the same thing and instantly felt a connection to her. It doesn't hurt, also, that my Daddy sometimes calls me his Pollyanna. I thought that the name "Pensive Pollyanna" encompassed all of me: the free-spirited me which comes from my mother and the thinking, considering me which comes from my Daddy.
I'll see y'all again soon!
Pollyanna Fabulous

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