Friday, January 3, 2014

Hashtag: Work Funnies, # 1

So many interesting things happen to me four days a week when I'm at 200 Creekside.  I may feel compelled to write about them every now and then, so I've decided to start a blog inside a blog which I've (tongue-in-cheek) entitled "Hashtag: Work Funnies."  

This photo was taken today when I was cleaning the men's bathroom.  As you can see, this man must have been sitting there for a bit cos he decided to take on a decorating job.  Yep, he very precisely (and mostly evenly) draped a large bit of toilet paper around the hand rails!  Maybe he had gotten the memo that Christmas decorations were being taken down today and he wanted to do his part to stop the desecration of festiveness?   Dunno, but it certainly made me laugh!

I didn't take photos yesterday, but some funnies occurred then, also.  A preface:  When I first began this job, my boss gave me two work uniform tops.   I said that I prolly wore large, but all he had was extra large, so what was I to do but take them, yeah?  After handing them to me; however, he let the other shoe drop.  Those are men's extra large, though."      This was another 'what was I to do' situation, so I took them and have been wearing them every day for five weeks.  They are H-U-G-E on me!  Seriously, they are probably 2-3 sizes too big.

I had a ton of errands to do yesterday after work, so I brought a change of clothes with me when I left the house and changed after I clocked out.   As I walked up to the front to give back my keys, Kimmy looked at me with shock in her eyes!  "You have BOOBS!!!" she said, "I would NEVER have guessed it from your work top!"  

Seriously, y'all--you can't make these things up!  :)

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