Thursday, February 9, 2012

15 Facts about Me--This one actually has questions I've never heard!

#1 What is a nickname only your family calls you?
Do I have to say?   Okay.  I have two weird ones.  The first one is ‘Daddy Butt.’  In fact, they even have a song to go with it.  It goes like this:  o/’ o/’  Daddy Butt.  Daddy Butt.  Lori’s got a Daddy Butt! o/’ o/’    The other one usually only Daddy calls me and it is—ready for this one?—Lori Lorus Lavorus Liebowitz Lilliput Lipschitz.  When he first called me by it, I responded, “Daaaad. Lipschitz?”  “What?” he responded.  “It is a fine Jewish name!”    Needless to say, I accepted.  He did give me a break sometimes and shorten it to just ‘Lorus.’

#2.  What is a weird habit you have?
I TOTALLY talk to myself.  Even more oddly, if something is bothering me, I try to figure out how to solve the problem out loud, up to and including having—aloud—the conversation I might have with someone to solve the problem.  Weird, I know?  But I gotta be me.

#3.  Do you have any weird phobias?
I don’t think I have one. Well, do cockroaches count?

#4.  What is a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you’re alone?
“Big Girl (You are Beautiful) by Mika.  Here is a link to the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDSK91mUNLU

#5. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Anyone who knows me well will not be surprised when I say that my biggest pet peeve is Immodesty.

#6. What is one of your nervous habits?
Hmmmmm…I might even have several of them.    I ‘type’ words I hear.  I rub my stomach  or I rub my feet together when I need comforting.  I letter sign words I hear.  Okay, I guess that is enough fodder for y’all, yeah?

#7.  What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Since I am single—whichever side I want to do!  Mwaahaaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa! (I’m twirling my evil bad guy mustache right now, in case you were wondering.)

# 8 What was your first stuffed animal and what was  his name?
Well, the first one I remember was a lion I got—for my fourth Birthday when we lived in Thailand—and his name was ‘Lion, the Zicchi Role.’  Please do not ask why.  I do not know.

#9.  What is the drink you always order at Starbucks.
Well, nowadays I order a regular coffee in a cup the next size up.  I put a generous amount of creamer in it and then fill the rest of the cup up with ice!

# 10.  What is the beauty rule you preach but never actually practice?
Please read the following in an Eastern European accent!  “Beauty Rule?  What is this thing you call ‘Beauty Rule’?  I did not know that there was such a thing as this ‘Beauty Rule.’”

# 11.which way do you face in the shower?
Ummmm…both ways?

# 13. What is your favorite ‘comfort food’?
Must I stick with just one favorite?   Macaroni and Cheese. Mashed Potatoes with Cream Gravy.  Ding Dongs.  And my guilty pleasure comfort food?  Top Ramen Noodles, Creamy Chicken flavor!  And I'm glad y'all reminded me!  I think I'll have some tonight!

# 14 What is a phrase or exclamation you always say?
Rock on!!

# 15 Time to sleep—what do you wear to sleep?
Depends on my mood and whether it is hot or cold outside.

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