Thursday, February 9, 2012


Abbreviation for "thinsporation," aka pictures of bone-thin women that girls with ana/mia use to remind themselves of their goals to become thin.
Girl 1: My thinspo is this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen. 

I was perusing another blogsite when I ran across a blog called something like 'obsessedwiththinspo.'   I had no clue what it was about but as I read, I realized it was a blog by--what I presume is--a teen-aged girl who clearly thinks she is fat.  I'm not sure how tall she is, but one day she mentioned that she is 152 pounds.  
The further back I went into her blog, the more horrified I became.  All over her site were pictures of bone thin girls. I mean BONE thin. She spent her whole blog talking about how angry she is at her family and boyfriend for trying to make her eat.  She chronicled these 'projects' where she tried to eat less and lose weight.  But it wasn't stuff like "Eat a huge salad with no meat or anything" or "Fill 3/4s of my plate with steamed veggies and the rest with tuna."  No. It was stuff like "99 calories. 99 minutes of exercise. 9 days."    The first day she ate 99 calories. then for the next three days, she fasted.  Each day, whether she ate or not, she exercised 99 minutes. On days 5-9, she only ate 99 calories. Some days her blog said things like 'I didn't eat today, even though I was shaky and dizzy.  I stayed strong!"

I am so sad that this little girl feels she has to be thin to be worthwhile.  What have her parents and society as a whole done to make her have such a skewed view of the world.    I just wanted to cry as I was reading.

Hey, y'all?  Let's pray for her, okay?

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