Monday, April 30, 2012

April 2012, Photo-a-day photo challenge

Normally, I would try to add each day's photo one day at a time; however, since I didn't get into this photo-a-day challenge until the 25th, I am going to put all of April up together.   I don't know how I'm going to add the other Month's daily photos challenges.  However, if you don't find the additions here on this blog, then it is safe to say that I added them onto my regular photo blog.  The reason I'm having trouble with where I should put the daily contest photos is that I usually just try to take photos of things that interest me, completely apart from any structure or demands.   I'll figure it out eventually.
Anyway, what is below is the 25APR12 photo and the 30APR12 photo.

25APR12-Looking Down.  My new hibiscus on the right side of the carport.

 26APR12-Black and White.  The stove in my unit at Silverleaf Seaside Resort.

 27APR12-Someplace I went (to Indian Beach, Galveston Island, Texas.  This was the only place I could see any kind of sunset on Friday)

27APR12A-1 p.m. This photo and the next one were the Saturday photo.  I asked several people in my kayak friends if they would tell me when it was 1 p.m.  So--at two different times--two different people told me it was 1 p.m.  I took a photo each time.  The one above was when we were getting ready to go back to our starting point.

27APR12B-1 p.m.  I was finishing up my watercolor painting at this particular 1 p.m. moment.  Those are my feet (duh!)  I was trying to get the painting and equipment, too, but this camera doesn't have a way to view your photo before you take it, as it is a single use camera you get from the store.
29APR12-Circle.  They are circles.  But half of them are underground.

30APR12-Something that makes me sad.  My container of Mary's fiesta crackers is half empty!  That makes me sad!

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