Monday, April 2, 2012

Lake O' The Woods

I had a pretty nice time at my mini-vacation up in Tyler.  It was too short and I didn't sleep overly well, but I got to spend a day and a half with people whom I adore.  It was awesome, really.  I'll write blogs about the fun, but--in this blog--I wanted to show you the cabin where I stayed.  This is a  front view of the cabin.
This is the view as you walk into the cabin.  You see the living room and part of the kitchen.

The view of the living room from the kitchen.

A view of the living room from the loft bedroom.

A photo of the wall decoration in the living room.
A view of the kitchen from the bathroom.
The kitchen from the living room.
The wall decoration in the dining room/kitchen.
A  view of the loft bedroom from down in the living room.
Loft view from the top of the stairs.
The closet!  How interesting, yeah?  You can also see the closet in the photograph above
 just to the left of the bed furthest from the "door".   It was just such a novel way to do a closet.  And I guess it saves some money.  No wood for doors or walls of a wooden cabinet--just a pole and some hangers!
  This view is of the other side of the loft bedroom--that tiny short area behind the 'closet'
The view of the bathroom from the door to the bedroom.
The view from the kitchen.
The next three are of the bathtub area.  One thing I thought was rather interesting about this cabin is that--while it can sleep up to six--there is only one bathroom!  I could never bring my parents and sisters here for Christmas cos we'd go crazy with only one bathroom!  I did not enjoy the mirrors on every wall, but someone mentioned to me that they thought the purpose was to make the bathroom look larger, and I guess it did.  Another fascinating aspect is the shower head.  It doesn't come at you at an angle like most showers, but, instead, straight down on ya.  I tried to get some photos which would illustrate that fact.  I wanted y'all to get a feeling of how this place looked.

The wall decoration in the bathroom.  Strangely enough--on my way home yesterday--I passed a Trout River or a Trout Lake somewhere near Kirbyville, I think.
The bedroom from the bathroom door.
The bedroom from the living room door.
The bedroom from the bed.  Notice that they have a similar type of closet!  This time, they put a board instead of just a rod cos the board stores the linens.  Such a basically efficient way to do things!
The wall art in the bedroom.  They sure do keep to the rustic theme, don't they?
The view of the parking lot of our little set of cabins, as I was leaving Sunday a.m.

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