Tuesday, April 12, 2011

07APR11 Herbs gone to seed

So, here is a big truth about me: I am not a good gardener. I want to be a good gardener. I continue striving to be a good gardener. However, I am not a good gardener. Here are several photographs of some of the herbs from last year's garden. The herbs made it through our pretty decent winter and have flowered out. I didn't know that herb will flower out. I sure think they're pretty flowers on these herbs, though. :)

Chives have purpley-pink flowers!

I believe these flowers came from the cilantro plants. Even more reason to love cilantro, yeah?

The regular oregano--with tiny, tiny leaves--has white flowers also. I don't really like the regular oregano because the leaves are so small and it is hard to remove them from their stems to use in cooking. However, I do like the flowers AND this particular oregano plant is special to me cos I grew it from seed.

This is a pretty pink flower, but I don't know from which kind of plant it comes. If you happen to know, please educate me!

Isn't this blue flowers purty! Again, I don't know from which herb this comes.

An herb with white flower!

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