Monday, May 23, 2011

From the cobwebs: Laura-Jack

I'm amazed at how much fun going through boxes of old stuff can be. I'm still trying to 'minimalize' my life, but I find it hard going. Strangely enough, I'm slow at it cos my back always hurts after cleaning my room. Weird, huh? I must apologize right now for however weird this post will be. I'm super tired, but not tired. Does that make ANY sense? Anyway, I'm still up. It is 1:05 a.m. and I have a doctor's appointment in Houston (two hours away) at 11:00 in the morning. I should TOTALLY be asleep, but I can't. One aside: a great thing about this moment RIGHT NOW whilst I am typing: Neil Diamond is piping into my ear via my IPOD. Man, he is one of the greatest singer/songwriters there EVER was. o/' o/'Solitary Man p/' o/'
Okay, I totally just digressed. Back to the going through the boxes. I have found some of the coolest letters and other communications from (literally) half (or more) of my life ago. One of them follows:

Okay, first I gotta 'splain. I had a room-mate back in College 1.0. We lived in a two bedroom apartment about a mile off campus. We were on the top floor and two girls lived in the apartment directly below us on the first floor. I cannot--for the life of me--remember their names. One was tall and sturdy and blonde and the other was short and somewhat fragile looking with dark, curly hair. They were really cool. And--when I say cool? I mean Rockin' Cool. And fun.
One day, I'd been at school doing something and arrived home a little late in the evening. My roomie told me that they'd come up and eaten pizza and watched a movie and gone home. This was one of those moments when I realized that being a grown-up wasn't always fun. Sometimes you had to miss some of the fun stuff if you intended to be responsible and all that other grown-up jazz. Sigh, yeah?
So, I went to my rather large room and found a slice of pizza and this little note on my pillow. Somehow, it made it all better.

Laura Jack, (it read)
Now on your sack
a piece of pizza that will grow hair on your back!!
Eat it well for your health, so you can belch.
With our love
We left you this
so you wouldn't be pissed
If has cheese
instead of peas
so you could sneeze
after you are pleased.

Yeah, I know a little silly, but--if we're being honest here--I often think there is not enough silliness going on here on earth. Life is easier when we are a little silly more than not. So, I declare here and now to all who dare read this blog--Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and hug your silly, inner 12-year-old.

That is all. At Ease.

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