Saturday, May 21, 2011

From the Cobwebs: 19th Birthday

I was going through some boxes of things in my room. (I'm trying to minimalize--it is HARD)
Anyway, I found this card from my 19th birthday. I was at second phase of training for my job as an x-ray technician for the USAF. I was stationed at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. What is funny is that my parents had every being in the house sign my card, even the dogs!! re-visiting this card and time-period made me smile and feel happy and loved. Here it is:

Dear Lori [that is what everyone called me back then],
I hope you have a great birthday. I know the 1st birthday away from home can be rough but remember we love you. Give this gift [an adorable stuffed dog I named Badagliaco after the permanent party airman who used his pocket knife to open my package in the chow hall] a big hug because he is bringing our love and a hug from us.
We miss you and wish we could be with you on your birthday but this is life.
I have a new job. I work as a cruise consultant selling sea cruises. Today was my first day and although I didn't do much, it was fun and the day past rather fast.
Take care. Have a Happy Birthday. I'm proud of you. Love, Mom

I am very proud of you and I love you. Have a very happy birthday! Paul D. (Dad)

Happy 19th, Lorass. Live it up. Victoria.

Hello Lorus Lavoris. Love, Douglass

Love, Catfish [our dog]
P.S. Fore ever yours

[in Mom's handwriting]: Juice love you to

Love, Juicy Lucy [which is what we called Juice--the other dog]

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  1. What a wonderful birthday remembrance and a wonderful family!


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