Friday, June 10, 2011

You Go, Anne-Girl!

I am a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables. Each time I read one of Lucy Maud's stories, I marveled at Anne's wonderful imagination, her love for adventure and her great heart. OOhhhh, I so wanted to red-headed, freckled Anne. I especially wanted to be her when handsome dark-haired Gilbert Blythe arrived on the scene. (I think--perhaps--it is he who began my life long appreciation of dark-haired men! Of course, let's not forget my adoration of red-heads either!)
I know several renditions of Anne's story have been made through-out the years, but I'll confess that the Canadian version which stars Megan Follows will ALWAYS be my favorite. She just NAILED Anne. She made Anne jump off the page for me.
So, today, I was watching a movie entitled 'Bookie Makes Her Mark.' It was made rather recently, especially when compared to the Anne movies from the 80s. When Booky's momma came onto the screen, I smiled. There was my friend, Anne! Though her face was older and her hair not quite as vibrant a red, I recognized my old friend. It made me super happy to see her. At one point in the show, Anne's daughter was kicked out of the free lunch program at school. Of course, Anne had to head to the school and whup that Vice-Principal into shape. When she left the office, her daughter was back in the lunch program.
The scene that followed began with our Anne walking out of the front doors of the school and down the steps. She stopped for a moment, put her hand over her head, and smiled a smile filled with a surprised triumph. It was at that moment, that I heard myself say aloud, "You Go, Anne-Girl!" As strange as it prolly seems, it made some sense to me cos--just then--she REALLY was my old friend from the books Lucy Maude wrote. She was someone who was special to me and whom I'd never been given the chance to see grow up and get married and have a family. It was nice to re-visit her. I do know that the character of Booky's momma is not really my Anne, but because the same actress played her, it was as if she was.
I've often wondered if other people connect as much with literary characters as I do, but I DO. I connect like they're real people to me. They're a special part of my world--part of my family. And because of that weird connection I have with my literary friends, when I saw her walk out of that school I felt so proud of her for accomplishing something that--perhaps--she didn't think she could do. My heart shouted out "Yay, Anne-Girl!! You Go!"

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