Monday, June 6, 2011


Today, Pop has a dentist appointment in the late afternoon. He is going to have a tooth pulled. I figured that he won't feel much up to eating when he returns, so I decided to make him a huge lunch.
I baked sour cream chicken, mashed some potatoes, steamed green beans fresh from Gage and Kelly's garden, and cooked up some mushroom gravy--with REAL chopped up mushrooms in it, YUM!! While I was de-stringing the beans, I realized that cooking used to be so much harder. We are so lucky nowadays. However, to be honest, I really like the way the fresher stuff tastes, so maybe I think I'll learn to like stringing beans and spending more time in the kitchen. Now I know why Mom made us all help so much. I only have to cook for two. Poor Mom had to feed six of us!
Best of all--I can make sure my IPOD is charged and combine the old with the new and have a GRAND old time. Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Katrina and the Waves, and all the boys bands from the 50s and 60s can serenade me whilst I de-string the beans and chop up the potatoes and all the other little cooking maneuvers. Oh, and don't forget the dishes! Why is it that cooking from scratch is so much messier?
Anyway, I really enjoyed the morning making a lunch filled with many of my favorite foods--green beans are second only to asparagus on my favorite veggie list.
The meal was delicious and purty. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures. Maybe next time. Hope y'all have wonderful days and that your meals are just as delish! <3

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