Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things that are cool about Pop, # 25

# 1

Pop and I had a fairly solid supper. I made marinated chicken with rice and veggies. I even baked a few of those pre-made rolls. It was pretty filling and--well, interesting tasting. (it was the marinade, not my cooking skills, I promise!) Pop and I both ate everything on our plate, though.

A few hours afterward, Dale was over trying to cajole Pop into bed. However, Pop was hungry again. Okay. That is easily solved. I made him a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich which he ate. He said he was going to bed after he ate but he kept putting it off one sentence at a time. It took me a minute to catch onto what was going on. (cos I'm soooooooo tired from lack of decent sleep) He kept asking if I was hungry. If I WAS hungry, well then he'd find me something. I'd forgotten that he has a tendency to put his feelings onto someone else. If we're out and someone suggests stopping to eat and he happens to be tired, he'll reply, "No. You look too tired. Let's just go on home." Upon hearing these words or their kin-words, the "tired" person ought to realize that what Pop is really saying is that He is tired.

So, finally, tonight after he'd repeatedly asked me if I was hungry, I realized that he was still hungry despite the supper at 7:30 and the sandwich after 11:00. I asked him if he wanted a banana. He really likes them. It took him a minute, but he finally accepted it, chomping it down with speed and relish. I figured he'd had plenty cos that really is a large amount of food for just before bed AND for a diabetic.
He kept dithering about going to bed. It was--at that time--11:30. It was getting later and later and later and I was afraid I was looking at a third 1:00 a.m. bedtime in a row. Then Pop clued me in again when he asked me if I wanted a piece of fruit. He kindly offered me an apple which--of course--I cut up post haste with my handy dandy brand spankin' new apple corer that I bought recently. I handed him the majority of the sliced apples because I wasn't even hungry. We'd had a sandwich, and a banana (really: when I say 'we', I mean 'we'. He insists on sharing. He is REALLY good at it)
The funny thing about this particular adventure in "POP" was that after having had all those bedtime snacks, Pop said to me, "Whoa! Not too much. I'm getting fat!"

He really entertains me. :)

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