Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Google Imaging Yourself

I guess I wasn't ready for bed after all, yeah? Maybe I'm over-tired cos I'm sure that this blog might be super extra crunchy chocolate surprise silly. Okay. Background: I have no automatic, let us download this picture I just took from my handy dandy camera or phone. (However, I think I'll be able to afford the right one NEXT week) Therefore, I often have to search the internet for photos of things that represent the subject on which I am writing. I usually use google images to find my photos.
After I looked for a perfect seagull photo, I wondered, "Hmmmm, If I google imaged MYSELF, what would happen? Well, an enormous amount of images came onto the screen of my laptop. I mean--a lot. All of them had nothing to do with me, at all--excepting the very FIRST one! It was me at my 20 year high school reunion! I had David Balcer on my right and Donny Obuch on my left and we were smiling away.
I decided to try this new toy out with other names. I tried each and every one on my "followers" list. No dice. I tried my momma. Nothin' doin'. I tried a famous--in the brotherhood, anyway--preacher who taught me in bible school. Nothing really, except there was a picture of a bible that when I clicked on it brought me to a website with some of his sermons. That was kinda cool. I even tried my boss, but--alas--there were no pictures of her on the internet, which I guess she is prolly happy about.

Anyway, it was just something fun I did. Maybe y'all should try it! Or, tell me who you think I should look up next time!

love y'all,
Lolly Fabulous

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  1. That's awesome a picture of you was the first to show up when you googled yourself. I one time had a dream that someone died and googled to see if there was a news story about it. I found out that he was still alive.



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