Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just do it--Be Fearless!!!

My aunt, is a really interesting person. She will be 72 next month and is a retired teacher. Whenever I spend time with her, I learn something new. She is fearless and giving and not afraid to try things. She knows what she wants and she figures out how to do it. You'd think that someone who is nearly 72 and has had 3 or 4 surgeries in as many years would be timid and homebound. Not so with my aunt! When I lived in Kilgore, she drove 5 hours to spend some time with a friend of hers--and, of course, to see me. We took a week long driving tour of east New Mexico and West Texas last year to celebrate my birthday. We explored the city of Los Angeles and her environs and took a cruise to Mexico. She is just amazing. I want to share something she recently did. This little episode in her life illustrates perfectly her go-live-it attitude.

There is a new Mexican restaurant in her part of Houston. It is called El Toro. Her first trip there--to "check it out" began with her waiter asking her what she would like to eat. She had looked at the lunch menu (prices between $ 6.89 and $ 9.89) and was disappointed to find that--as usual in most Mexican restaurants--they didn't have ONE meal that had just what she wanted. She spoke her mind about it--nicely, of course.
"They never have exactly what I want on one plate. I like this and this and this and I want that thing, but not exactly that way, and they never have it."
"Well," asked the waiter, "What DO you want?"
Rather pleased, my aunt said, "Well, I'd like 1 ground beef crispy taco, 1 chicken flauta, some pico de gallo, 1 cupola queso (yes, she said it that way), 1 cupola sour cream, and instead of guacamole, can I just have some sliced avocados?"
"Yes, of course" said the waiter, "We can do that for you."

My aunt was pleased. She just wanted what she wanted and knew she would have to pay for it. She figured this one meal was going to run her more than $12.00, but she was going to enjoy it because it was EXACTLY what she wanted. The meal came out and was perfect. She enjoyed it immensely. Then came two surprises. The first one came when she was presented with the check. The bill for her lunch plate was--not $12.00 or more--but $ 6.89, the lowest of the lunch combo prices! I think that restaurant has made itself a loyal customer--and, in fact, I'd like to go there one day, also.

The second surprise came when the manager visited my aunt during the last minutes of her visit to El Toro. He asked how she liked it, and, of course, she answered positively.
"Good!" he said, "Well, we'll be able to do that meal for you any time you come to visit"
"Maybe you should name it then." she suggested. "How about 'The Nonita?" (Nona is grandmother in Italian)
"Yes!" Said the manager, "It shall be the Nonita." And, my aunt has returned to El Toro a time or two, and always has the Nonita. Her fearlessness has produced--at least at this particular Mexican Restaurant in west Houston--her very own meal, just like she likes it--perfect, every time!
Yay, Auntie! Good for you. Hopefully, we'll all have the bravery to--every now and then--speak up and get something--some small thing--which makes us happy.

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