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Pineapple Mint/Chives scrambled eggs

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I have somehow become a huge fan of eggs in the morning. I hope what the doctors say about eggs not being bad for you anymore is true cos I'm usually eating 1-1/2 of them every day.
So, this morning (di mattina in Italian), Pop and I were both hungry so we baked biscuits (from the pack), cooked bacon and scrambled eggs. I decided to try to herb/mint eggs again. Here is what I did:

I cut 3 long shoots of chives. They averaged 14 inches in length. To make their preparation easier, I used some (clean) scissors and cut them up into little pieces about 1/10 of an inch long with the scissors. Since I could bundle the stalks together, it made it fast and easy. Remember, that you can choose a pair of scissors specifically for the kitchen and use them only for that purpose. The scissors can be washed after each use--in hot water--so that they stay safe.

Then I picked the leaves off of three or four "branches' of pineapple mint. Once picked, the leaves equaled about 1/8 of a cup, packed. You can choose whichever type of mint you'd like. I have about six different types of mint growing in my garden, so it makes choosing more fun. Usually in the spring, you can get a wide variety of herbs at the local nursery. Once you re-pot them, they can grow quite big.

I cut the mint up with a smaller knife--a steak knife--because the larger knives don't seem to cut as easily. Perhaps they are less sharp?

In a small bowl, I cracked two eggs. We only had two. Usually, I use three. The recipe will prolly be better with three eggs. I add some milk, about one tablespoon of pepper, I grated some cheddar cheese (use how much makes you happy!) and then added the herbs.

The end product was not bad. It was definitely interesting. I wonder if the additional egg would tone down the pineapple mint enough to make it just right. I'll have to try again. If any of you try this recipe with a larger amount of eggs, let me know how it turns out.

I enjoyed the meal!

Lolly Fab :)

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