Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A walk with Pop

I don't know what the temperature was yesterday afternoon, but it was warm enough that Pop and I could take a walk with the dogs. I'll be honest--I had to cajole him a little bit. Eventually, however, he came out with me. He and I and walked up the road and enjoyed the sunshine. Tipper ran ahead of us and Snow tried to run ahead, but she kept pulling on the leash so vigorously that Pop had to pick her up and carry her. We passed by plenty of interesting sights which--of course--I captured in photos.
Pop had a lot of energy yesterday. Of course, that could have been cos he had several naps before we took a walk. He even was going along at a pretty swift pace. However, that was prolly cos snow was walking pretty swiftly herself and he was holding the leash.
He got tired pretty rapidly, but we were out there for about 20 minutes. I'm hoping I can count it for my exercise for yesterday!

I've always loved walking past this barn house. It just looks so old-fashioned. I can just imagine myself riding up to it in a buckboard wagon drawn by a horse. Did you notice the little river of water out front? It rained nearly half the night Tuesday night which left all the little culverts full of water.

Pop and his four-legged girls.

Pop and Snow in flare.

a pile of logs on Pop's property. Dunno how they got there. I don't remember them being there in the summer.

Those ducks look real, don't they? Not! The owner of this home has a ton of ducks all around the property. She must really like ducks!

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