Sunday, January 9, 2011

My apologies--I have to bring this up again--but...

...McAlister's Deli is really great! First I want to mention that I wrote about them last week. Well, today, I am writing about them again. I hope none of my regular readers are bored by a re-visitation to McAlister's Deli. And, Adam (co-owner of McAlister's) I don't want you thinking that I'm working it so that I can have more VIP passes. I promise I'm not. I just like to write about things which make me happy, yeah?

So, onto my second visit. I was in Beaumont again on Saturday so I decided to go again and try something other than what I ate last week. When I walked into the store, one of the managers, Christi Berger, greeted me in a very friendly manner. It made me feel special, as if she recognized me from last week. She might not have, but I'll just keep up my little fantasy that she did, yeah? I'm ego-centric that way. ;-P So, I had to look over the menu again for a year and seven days cos they have so much to offer. There are SO many interesting things on the menu. I wonder if I'll ever get around to eating everything? Maybe so--but maybe not cos I'm swiftly developing some favorites.

However, yesterday I chose a combo--of sorts. For just a little less than $ 7.00, I was able to "CHOOSE ANY TWO." The choices? 1) any half sandwich, wrap, or panini 2) any half spud 3) any cup of soup 4) any half salad. I chose a cup of their potato soup. Of course, I added chives, bacon, and cheese and it was DELICIOUS. I told the manager one of the numerous times she walked past me that she should never allow me to purchase a whole bowl. I would eat it all!!! That much potato soup would be bad for me! It was just to-die-for-delicious!

My other "choose any two" was a new salad which they offer. I can't remember the name of it; however, it had mixed greens, dried cranberries, honey almonds, sherry shallot dressing, and other things. I wish I could remember the name, but I suppose that if you mentioned the new salad with the sherry shallot dressing, they'd prolly guide ya in the right direction. There are so many combinations you could make just for the "CHOOSE ANY TWO" option, so--perhaps--we should all make it a habit to visit McAlister's often? Needless to say, the choice I made yesterday was fabulous.

They are also really famous for their tea. They even have a fan-site on Facebook. Their fans are so ubiquitous that they even make tee-shirts for their tea-lover-fans! You can check out their tea-lover fan-site here. They have a tea-lover program, also. When you buy your first tea, you oughta ask for the tea card. Every time you buy one, you can get your card punched. After 9 punches, you get a free tea! YAY! If you're interested in the Beaumont store, you can also check them out on Facebook.

I didn't notice when I came around the first time, but they also have some good-looking desserts. I chose the chocolate one, but they also feature a carrot cake and a cheesecake. I think carrot cake will be the next one I try. I'm not much of a cheesecake fan, unless there is something special on top of it, like say chocolate or nuts or something. I may try it someday anyway.

You know, the food is good here, but it really isn't what brought me back yesterday. And it won't be--completely--what brings me back again in the future. The smiles on their faces, their attention to detail (like my near-empty cup), the way they make me feel like I'm someone special, and their fun silliness. I have a great time when I am there. Really, y'all--if you haven't tried them yet, you really ought to do so. :)

My choices on "Choose Any Two": the yummy salad with cranberries, honey almonds, and sherry shallot dressing and potato soup. :) Delicious! There was a bunch more food. I just forgot to take a photo until after I'd eaten quite a bit of it. Sorry!

McAlister's Famous Tea and my punch card. If you look REEEAAAALLLLYYY closely, you'll see that I have ONE punch! Only 8 more to go for my free tea!

I chose the chocolate cake. It is sooooooo yummy. This photo doesn't EVEN do it justice. It is much bigger. Once again, I ate about 1/3 of it before I remembered that I needed to take a photo. Notice in the background the photo of all three desserts.

This young man was eating near me on Saturday. His momma let me take his picture. He was smiling so fabulously at me that I have a nickname for him: Flirty McFauxHawk!

The two managers who were on duty on Saturday: Lynn Ferguson and Christi Berger. See how fun they are!


  1. Lora Lee, of course she remembered you from a week ago, you are a VERY memorable person don't you know!!

    By the way did $7.00 include the desert and tea?If not, it looked a bit on the small side to me, just sayin...LOL

    Charles Zweiger

  2. Well, remember that I ate a little bit less than 1/2 of the meal before I took the picture and about 1/3 of the dessert before I took the pictures. Sometimes I think about blog ideas after I start eating. :) I think the total was between 11 and 12, but--in reality--it was a very filling meal. In fact, I had to take about 1/4 of the dessert home. :)
    and thanks for the nice comment about me being rememberable!! :)


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