Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kute and Kurious Kayleigh

I was running late this past Sunday morning, so I didn't get to Bible Class/Worship until a few minutes after it began. Usually, I sit up on the front left, but since I was late, I didn't want to disturb people, so I sat in the back with Kayleigh and her grandma.
Kayleigh wanted to sit by me which was gratifying. She is just so cute. When she saw that I took my shoes off (I hate shoes), she immediately reached down to take her shoes off.
Tell ya what--that girl is one Curious George. Every single thing I had was interesting to her. My pink pepper spray key-chain entrances her every single time she sees me. In fact, sometimes when I am putting on my coat after worship, I see her marching over to me, with a smile on her face. The first thing she says to me is "Can I see your weapon?" She calls it a weapon cos the first time she asked me what it was, I told her the truth. I also told her that she CANNOT press the button. When she asked why, I told her that it would REALLY REALLY hurt someone. What made me laugh is that that evening at worship, her grandma came up to me and asked me what I told her about the pink pepper spray case. After I told her, she laughed out loud. I was puzzled until she told me that our favorite blonde girl told her that if you press the button, you would MURDER someone. Ha! How hilarious! A funny result on our three person "telephone" game.
Next, she asked me about the key-chain which holds my USB flash drive. Since there was no flash drive in the leather case, I figured the easiest way to explain it to her was to grab a piece of scrap paper and stuff it in there. She thought it was interesting, but immediately removed my scrunched up scrap of paper, climbed over me, and whispered something to her grandma. I was curious and delighted when I saw her take something out of her grandma's hand and insert it into the leather case. It was a slice of gum! How cute! She understood what the case was for and found a really cool way to use it.
She loves my Kindle--on which I house several books, one of which is the New American Standard Bible. She asked what it was and picked it up, wondering how it worked. She wanted to know how I turned the pages. I showed her and then she proceeded to turn the pages back and forth for about five to ten minutes. She loved my 'puter Bible!
When I took out my money to put into the plate during the Lord's Supper, she grabbed it from me and said, "I'll put this in the plate. I'm good at that job!" HAHA!! How hilarious! but I'm glad that she likes putting money in the plate. Maybe she'll be very generous as she grows older.
After worship was over, I asked her to pose for a photo. She has my key-chain as a necklace, with the pink pepper spray as a pendant. In her right hand is my ten dollar bill. In her left hand is my 'puter Bible and on her face are my reading glasses which she took earlier in the service. She wore and modeled them for me and her grandmother. Just cute as a button!!

After worship, I ate a personal pan pizza--with pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, and mushrooms--and then went to CVS to buy a few things. I saw a pink patchwork stuffed animal, a bear. I couldn't resist it or the $2.99 heart necklace with a pink rhinestone center. She really enjoyed the gifts and when worship began, she scooted right up next to me, snuggled in to my side and told me, with her eyes closed and a smile on her face, "I like you."

She made my day. Que adorable, yeah?

Our shoe-less feet!

My portable gum container.

Kayleigh posing for a photo.

Kayleigh's bear singing during evening worship. :)

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  1. Haha... this is FABULOUS!!!! No pun intended, 'FAB'. lol. Too cute. :)


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