Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My newest beautiful thing

I'd already put this piece of old-fashioned wall art on lay-away before I'd decided to start "minimalizing" my life. When I went to pick it up, I found out that the store has a "no returns" policy. So, I paid the rest of my tab and headed home. When I arrived home and upon closer inspection, I was glad that I'd bought it. It is one of those pictures that make you want to jump right into the picture and start exploring. I REALLY love pictures like it.
Anyway, here are some photos of my new acquisition!

Check out the puppy in the window and the flower box! I like that this apartment number is in easy view of visitors! Check out the old fashioned street lamp! I love how there is an alleyway of sorts off to the left. I wonder where it leads?
I like the ambiance in the little cafe made with the small ceiling-hanged lighting over the tall tables.

As I was leaving after picking it up, I and the owner of the shop noticed another canvas with a picture which is really similar to this one. She bought the two pieces months apart, so we just presumed they were done in similar styles. and the styles are REALLY similar. There is a cat in the window above the restaurant in the other piece. There is a cat in the window above the window flower box instead of a dog. There is a # 7 on the side of the building instead of a #8. There was a street going off to the side with more places to explore. In the restaurant, there was even a tall table with an old fashioned ceiling hanging light placed over it.
We were surprised that there were so many similarities. After searching for awhile, we found matching signatures! I'm super tempted to buy the other one, it is only $22.00. But seriously, I'm working on this minimalist deal so that my life will be more organized and easier to live. Hmmmmmm. guess I'll have to do some thinking about it.

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