Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things that are cool about Pop, # 12

Pop had already gone to bed, so I was using the quiet time to study my Italian lessons with the Rosetta Stone program on my computer. As is sometimes normal with Alzheimers patients, he got up a few hours after going to bed, thinking he needed to get home.
Most of the time, when Pop gets up in this fashion, he'll sit down for a little while and take a little nap. He usually doesn't insist on going out the door and heading back to the fantasy home of his youth.
Often I can continue doing whatever it was I was doing, except that now I have company. Tonight--after he sat down--I continued with my Italian lessons. I have found with the lessons that I learn faster and can become more proficient with the pronunciation of these foreign words if I repeat every "slide" I see even if the slide does not require verbal response. (Some of them do)
While I was practicing, Snow White hopped up on the couch and sat down next to Pop. He was petting her when--after I had spoken aloud some Italian word--he said to me,

"This dog doesn't understand Italian, does she?"

He pronounced it in the old-fashioned way "Eye-talian" instead of "It-talian."

That man just makes me laugh all the time.

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