Monday, September 20, 2010

The Porch Swing

Pop's swing has been hanging out on his front porch for many, many years. Originally, it was his middle daughter's swing. Her grandpa made it (or bought it) for her, but--at one point--she decided to hang it at her parent's house. Pop likes to sit outside and swing on his porch to enjoy the slow pace of life here in Buna.
Well, y'all know all about the Second Law of Thermodynamics, yeah? Here it is in layman's terms: Once something has been created, it begins to break down. This is exactly what happens to Pop's swing. Here is a picture of the Thermodynamic swing:

You can't notice it from this picture, but the left back is separated from the front "bench" portion of the swing. For at least the last four months, only one person could safely sit on the swing at a time. If two people did sit on it, well, then, one of them would be sitting precariously. There was always the chance it would break off completely and someone would go head over heels backward into the bushes. Pop's kids had been discussing it off and on for awhile and had even priced a new one to replace this broken one.

I tried to get pictures of both swings from several perspectives and this shot of Tipper hiding out from the sun in this cool little nook next to the house was one of the results.

I saw a picture online somewhere today. This was me trying to see if I could recreate it. The picture showed a flower in the foreground--a close-up--with some other things in the background. I was seeing if I could get some of the greenery right in front of me with the old swing in the background. I wasn't wearing my glasses--which are broken--so it didn't turn out well; but, at least I'm trying, yeah?
Anyway, on with the story. Last week, Pop's eldest daughter and one of his grandsons came to visit him. They noticed the swing in all its disrepair. The grandson--who is recently graduated from law school and awaiting a job offer--spent all of last week building--from scratch--a new swing. The grandson told me that he based his swing on the swing his parents have hanging up at their home somewhere. He chose stain colors which looked "masculine" even.
Here is the finished product:

And, here is a picture of Pop on his brand new swing, built by his second youngest grand-boy. It is a beaut, ain't it?

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