Monday, September 20, 2010

Slowly, Autumn--again

Didja know that Autumn is my very favorite season? Even here in hot ol' Texas, I love Autumn! There is just something different in the air in Autumn. I don't guess that the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day count as its own season, but that is the only section of the year which enchants me more than Autumn--which, incidentally, contains about a month of Autumn in it.

I've spent part of this evening remembering 2007. I don't really remember the Spring being anything really fantastic. I had to move up to the North part of Austin for my job. I was always alone when I wasn't at work. I lived in a Cracker Jack box up on 55th street. Well, it really wasn't a Cracker Jack box, but it wasn't much bigger than one. It was part of a one car garage--maybe 250 square feet?

But, do you remember that Summer? It rained at least SOME every day for about six weeks! I loved it. But then, I love the rain, yeah? Then, the Autumn was FANTASMIC!!! The weather was chilly and crisp and the trees were actually changing colors! Austin was acting like she ought to do in the Autumn. I enjoyed it greatly. Since I didn't have a car then, I took the bus and walked everywhere (which I didn't mind) Perhaps, that added to the charm of the crisp Autumn we were having. I HAD to be out in it!

Anyway, I fear I have been babbling. Let me get to the point of the blog: I loved that Autumn!! She was so lovely, in fact, that she inspired a poem in me.
In light of the fact that the 21st of September is USUALLY the first day of Autumn,(this year it is the 23rd) I decided to re-tool and re-publish my Autumn poem. Hope y'all enjoy!

Slowly, Autumn

Slowly, Autumn is drifting this way.

I sensed her yesterday--but just slightly--as the wind playfully blew hair out of my face as I crossed Lamar on my way home from breakfast at Mickey D's.

Slowly, Autumn is strolling this way.

I noticed her last Tuesday morning as I walked down Guadalupe through the crunchy, brown leaves, whilst smelling the crisp, cool air.

Slowly, Autumn is sauntering this way.

I saw her today in the large piles--10 feet high, at least--of multi-colored pumpkins which waited, patiently perhaps, just outside the doors of the Whole Foods Market on 6th.

Slowly, Autumn is heading this way.

I felt the excitement lingering in the air--and in the hearts--of the crowd as they sat--en masse--under the stadium lights screaming "Go Buffaloes!!! De-bill the Cardinals!!"

Slowly, Autumn is meandering this way.

I wish she'd hurry up, though! I know this is central Texas and the heat makes her a bit lethargic, but...

...Oh Autumn! Run! Come this way!! Oh Autumn! Rush! I'm ready to play!!

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  1. My favorite season, too! :) Alabama autumn is as slow as Texas autumn.


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