Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I had what seemed like a TON of things to do yesterday on my day off. And surprisingly--since I made a list--I got them all done! Yay! I got all the Christmas presents purchased, except some candy for Alan and print a photo to put into a frame (which I bought yesterday.) I do still have to make a few pieces of jewelry, but those I can do at home thereby STAYING AWAY from anything even closely resembing Dowlen Road in Beaumont until--hopefully--December 26th. :)
Anyway, after finishing all the shopping and visiting Jean, I headed back northward toward my guitar lessons and--ultimately--home.
I hadn't eaten since 9 a.m., I stopped at the Whataburger in Lumberton to eat, write my weekly letters and do a bit of reading. Of course, I didn't get all that done cos I made a friend of a stranger. We talked about many things, one of which was playing the guitar. He has been playing for quite a while. I was quite surprised when he went out to his car and came back in carrying several guitar books which he handed to me. Wow! How rockin' cool! One of them was a really good resource book which shows how to play every single chord known to man (at least it looked like it. There were pages and pages and pages full of chords.)
I thought he was extremely kind to give me those guitar books. People can be really great sometimes. Really great. and p.s. how cool are the decorations they put up there?

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